Not active on forum anymore

Hello dear friends,

As you may have noticed, I’ve not been active on the boards for a very long time.

The main reason is, I don’t throw anymore at the moment.

I’m focusing on my other hobbies, as well as my spiritual growth.

Like now, I’m completely Zen :slight_smile: and found peace with myself.

I won’t stay away forever, I’ll come back from time to time, maybe post something in the’ unrelated discussion’ thread.

Many warm greets,



All right! Yo-yos will be here when you take it up again!


Thank you (:smile:

The yoyos ain’t gonna run away. Sometimes a break does good.

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Now time to get zen with a yoyo :yum:


Hello guys,
I have a question, which I can’t Let go.
It’s everytime I pick up My yo-yo.
Can yo-yoing and being spiritual go hand on hand? Can it co-exist?
In the past, yo-yoing was my meditation.
Since I have discovered other ways, I don’t throw that much any more.
Strange enough, I always have a yo-yo with me.
It’s like I have a connection with it.

I’m a spiritual 'shifter ’ (I told it once here, but I Let it took down because of all the negative comments. ) I don’t see myself as one of those therians. Thank God!
Because I finally understood myself, and my soul within , ( yes, I believe in past lives )
found peace at last.
You see, I always fought it for years!
But patience and understanding myself helped alot.
You guys helped me too, I won’t forget that. Mosty with yo-yo stuff, but I felt right at “home” here.
Thank you all, for all the good days , and the days that will follow.


Well I wish I knew a better way to say it, cause this is probably going to sound really cliche to some people, but really I think yo-yo can be whatever you want or need it to be . At the end of the day it’s an inanimate object, a little toy that spins at the end of a string.

Whatever it means to you is whatever it means, and you know more than likely it’ll be different things at different times just like the seasons in life. When I was younger it was a great way to have and distract myself from some dark times in my life, and then things got a little better, by then I was really into it just having fun, learning at my own slow pace. Then life took another turn and I didn’t have the time and money for extra things, I slowly stopped learning and it I wasn’t buying anything new or learning anything new but I still always had at least one to play with.

Now that I got back into it, it’s a been a great tool for taking a break from the daily stresses, work, paying bills and other responsibilities. There’s been a few times recently I was having a bad day, in a bad mood, and I landed something new and it completely improved my mood and day. I also have an overactive mind at night which can make going to sleep difficult at times, I tend to always be thinking a lot, and sometimes throwing for a little bit before bed helps quiet my thoughts while I just enjoy living in the moment :blush:. Of course sometimes it’s just a great way to kill boredom, especially if I’m waiting for my girlfriend to get ready :yum:.

All this is just an example though, like I said in the beginning, whatever you want it to be. Cheers!


I personally like that it always returns to me :wink:


That should be on a T shirt, I’d probably buy it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys!
Im back in the game! Yo-yos as well as spin tops.
I keep on throwing :slight_smile:.
Yo-yoing is like a shooting star, a star that never burns out.
My heart is burning again with the strenght to keep going.


Good to see you back. :+1:


Hello folks,
It’s been a while!
After I picked up the yo-yo string again, I felt somewhat weird. I just don’t yo-yo any more!
I wanted to make it work, but it didn’t. Same with spinning tops. Maybe it’s time for something else. Every time I yo-yo , I don’t feel it any more.
Luckely, I have plenty of other hobby’s to express myself. Through art, music and of course, Just being me. Silly me :slight_smile: .
You people changed my life, and taught me to enjoy the little things.
Thank you, I still come back from time to time , and I never forget the amazing times we had together.


Whenever you’re ready the yo-yos will be here!


Good luck wherever this adventure we call life takes you. If you come back to yoyo, we will be here. If you never come back, we will miss you, but wish you the best!

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Thank you guys :slight_smile:
Even if I don’t throw any more for the moment, I still want to have a yo-yo in my bag.
You never know, maybe I will throw again faster than I expected!
But for now, I just keep it in my bag. My bag feels empty without a yo-yo. …


Work on one trick a day, that’s a minimal investment of time.

Haha good luck finding a new hobby!

Maybe I could recommend some if you tell me your high points.
Personally I like RC planes, drones, PC building, and photography as my side hobby.