when are the northstars coming to the usa?

Some time in september

I wish they would come more soon. :-\

What are they again? Just a glorified Prostar?

i think prostars are bettery than northstars based on pictures and videos

Lol…Just because the Protostar looks better than the Northstar that doesn’t mean it works better.

It’s just all your preferences. If you don’t like it, don’t waste your money on it. If it fits your preferences, it could be like your best purchase ever.

The northstar plays horizontally better. It has a better grinding surface. It gives tighter binds…etc.

Lmao 1 of them he is winning the world yoyo championship Hahahahaha

It grinds???

I guess the Northstar is what Jensen wanted the Protostar to be. He seems to like the Protostar a lot, so YYF letting him tweak it to his preference wasn’t a bad idea.

I think I remember Jensen saying it plays like a plastic Genesis. I have never tried a Northstar, but I trust Jensen on this.


doesnt come apart?