Northstar vs Hitman Pro

I have a school talent show on monday and tuesday and I’m torn between those two throws. I like to play fast. I don’t like floaty yoyos. And I want to get some impressive LOOKING tricks besides gyroscopic flop, eli hops, seasick, matrix, and mach 5. I know a lot more tricks but these are the coolest looking.

Northstar plays extremely floaty. Same as Protostar. HP. HP will be very good just because. (I can’t name the reasons now at the top of my head)

If you already have both, I would think the primary factor here is how they feel to you when you do the tricks. What feels best to you? Use that one.

Yea I’m gonna get the HP. The title should have been Northstar or Hitman Pro. I might get a NS later this month because I personally haven’t played with floaty yoyos that much. I have a FHZ and DV888 and some people say the FHZ is floaty but I just played with it now and I like it.

Hp weighs 66gms and NS 69.5 or 70 gms if you round it up. That diff alone will guarantee that the hp will play a lot faster than the NS. good luck at the show!