Northstar questions

Hey guys i just got my northstar yesterday and its amazing. although i have only been yoyoing for not too long and only know some trick i can tell this yoyo is sick. One thing i wanted to ask though is should i lube my bearing as soon as i get it? And is the Northstar supposed to tip on a side and becoeme unbalance if you lightly touch it?

Only lube it if you want, lube will make it more silent, but more responsive. And if you touch any yoyo a certain way, it will tilt. But it’s probably tilting because it’s plastic, and doesn’t have a finish on it. SO your good the way it is right now. Don’t worry about it. :wink:

what??? What does the finish have to do with anything?

The tilting is caused by you being out of plane with the string. Just practise and it will eventually stop.

Well, the finish might have a bit to do with how fast it tilts when you touch it, becasue a yoyo with a slicker finish would tilt less becasue ther is less resistance. This only applies to when he touches it, though.

and what if theres vibe? is that natural?

Plastic yoyos tend to have a touch of vibe. That’s normal.

my protostar has no vibe ;D