To Much Lube!

I am new to yoyoing and I accidently put to much lube on my northstar. Can anyone help me on what to do?,34256.0.html

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No big deal; Just play with it alot to break it in. It is annoying for a while because of the heavy response, but just give it some time. Or [don’t quote me on this], I think if you just throw long sleepers again and again, it speed up this process.

In the future though, when your lubing, you don’t need to do it that often at all. I only lube my bearings about once every 1-2 months and just use a pin drop. But, that’s just me. Some people do it less and some more; it’s all just opinion. But, I wouldn’t recommend applying more than just 1-2 small drops though. Hope this helped! ;D

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Like, my yoyo isn’t responsive its just like when I throw it, it likes slips out of my hand and when I play with my protostar it doesnt? I will try to clean it later tomorrow and i will give you guys feedback.

OK, let’s get clear on something:

When you used lube,m WHERE did you put the lube?