northstar or protostar.

i like big and light yoyos. I have narrowed it down to these two, but don’t know which to get. i can bind.

Protostar. I have one and I love it!

thanks for help ;D.

The Protostar. The two yo-yos you mentioned have the exact same specs except for weight. The Protostar is lighter by a few grams, and you said that you like lighter yo-yos, therefore the Protostar is the better choice for you.

I second the Protostar. But if you want lighter, consider the Starbrite. Plus, YYF is pulling the plug on the Neon series, so this is the time to get it.

Question, do the neon collection yyf’s glow in uv?

I would assume so. Most bright fluorescent colored things do.

There are so many thread with the exact same topic line. Please use the search function, that is why yoyoexpert has it.

Also, protostar all the way. Full sized and light.

I personally like the northstar a lot more but if you like lighter then go for the protostar

the northstar always felt empty to me. like just not a solid feeling throw. the protostar always felt great with power behind it and a good solid feel.