North star vibe

When I siliconed my north star on the first throw it had vibe. So I thought that it was the bearing and spacers with silicone in or on them so I cleaned them. And it has worse vibe then it did before I cleaned it. What should I do?

Did you clean them properly?

Normally after a silicone job you have to break the silicone in.

This is normal for me too.

Is it responsive?

Yes I cleaned it properly and it was about a week ago when I cleaned it. I siliconed it about a month and a half ago. And yes it is responsive.

Did you lube it at all?

Did you line the arrows back up?

Do you throw it often?

Wait you said you just siliconed it, 1 and a half months ago? That’s not just.

It might have to break in.

Try cleaning the bearing again. I assume you are doing it correctly?

Did you lube it? If so, how much? You may have overlubed it.

Hope we can help!

I did not lube it.

How are you cleaning it?

With what?

Do you throw this often?

I agree with Shadowz143. We need some questions answered. The Northstar should be very unresponsive, only being responsive with a super straight and hard tug, and even then… it shouldn’t really be responsive.

Cleaning the bearings involves removing both shields and using 1 or more of the 3 following products:

Acetone(not the nail removing kind, that has bad stuff in it as far as bearings are concerned)
Mineral Spirits
Lighter Fluid(NOT BUTANE) I think Ronsol in the yellow plastic bottle is what’s the stuff of choice is.

Some people are using a no-residue electrical contact cleaner, which for me doesn’t really seem to help much. Others are reporting good success.

Does the bearing sound gritty or dirty? Maybe you also need to use the paper slip method:,23234.0.html

To replace the shields is your choice. Some people say do, some people say don’t. I say do. Make sure you put the shields back in properly, which could be some of your problem right now. Many of us have done this, it’s easy to do. It’s OUT in the middle, lower on the outer edge. That should help. Just run it dry for now.