Silicone in Bearing

So I siliconed my Northstar and got some blue silicone RTV (I think) in the CT. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Nope. buy a new one. It’s REALLY hard to get silicone out of a bearing and it’s not worth trying. If you only got a “tiny” amount then by all means get a needle and try.

Try cleaning the bearing a few times.

What about leaving it in denatured alcohol for a half hour then putting it straight in the yoyo and giving it a good throw?

I would try putting it in some lighter fluid to try and break down the silicone, or some alcohol as you suggested. Next time remove the bearing to make sure that it won’t happen again. Also remove the spacer if you have to.

Well, I kinda have the same problem except different. I accidently sprayed lube on the wrong side of the
yoyo, making the Silicone I guess losing the sticker. I’m trying to buy a new one for my northstar like him but I don’t know which one to get because I might get the wrong one.

Go to the product page on YYE regarding the Northstar. It will direct you to which response pads to get. If you have questions, contact YYE, they’ll steer you to the proper item.

Woah!! how do you remove the spacer?

Oh, well i thought that the response system was that it would be responsive and I really didn’t want that so I wasn’t sure…

The response system is needed to ensure the yoyo spins on the way down and can bring the yoyo back up. It’s a necessary component to any yoyo and exists in some manner. Some use such a narrow gap that the narrow gap itself acts as the response system.

Most of the time (in my case) the bearing would stick to the spacer and it would pull it out, but as to how to take out the spacer intentionaly I would say search for it in the maitenance section or help section since I have not had to take mine out on my pgm and I havent used it in a long long time.

Why do people keep forgetting to remove their bearings and spacers(as applicable) when siliconing their yoyos? Every video I’ve ever seen has had the bearing and/or spacers out before they start the process.

Yeah i would let it soak in lighter fluid or alcohol then leave the shields off and throw it a few times and try to spin it out.

RTV is harder. BTW I fixed it if it wasn’t clear. How do you remove a Northstar’s spacers?

Are they stuck inside the yoyo? I don’t have that problem with my PGM or Protostar or Duncans that use spacers.


Actually I’d soak it in acetic acid (plain vinegar) over nite, then clean it w/lighter fluid. Acetic acid is the recommended solvent to clean uncured silicone and it will also loosen cured silicone. It won’t dissolve it but it does tend to break it down a bit.