My YYE Edition DM came… and the anno actually has some of the metal showing, so part is silver. Another problem, the blue plastic isn’t blue at some parts, its silver :’( Even the bearing came with patches of rust/un-removable dirt :’( Posting pics soon.

It still plays awesome though, probably my favourite now ;D

That suuuucks! You can always get the rims re-anodized and the plastic painted or the like.

But the problem is, that the plastic is translucent. So if i paint it, the whole thing has to be painted :cry: or there will be an opaque patch among the translucent ;D

P.S. the anno mistake isn’t that big, its like needle pricks.

You can always just say that it makes your unique!

Haha yeah :slight_smile: Btw, my plastic has a bubble in it rofl, on the inside of the plastic. I can see because its translucent haha.

But it plays awesome, and i love it ;D

OMG. Never heard of that. Good thing I was broke. ;D Send it back. To YoYoJam’s factory. 251 Industrial Blvd. Fort Valley, Georgia. (Yes, that was by memory) :wink:

Lol i don’t really care much anymore, shipping to there is gonna cost me a lot of money anyway :frowning: I’ll just say that the silver marks are what makes it unique :slight_smile:

Its probably my fave yoyo now ;D

Now we know not to get YoYoJam annodized yoyos! ;D Just kidding, Andre! Annodization is probably new to them.

Haha thats a bit harsh, don’t slander YYJ, even if you’re just kidding :-X

But yeah, anodizing is probably new to them. Even my meteors came with tons of anno flaws, lots of mini-dings that didn’t reach the metal.

Meteor is annodized? I thought that was only metal.

It is metal.

There is also the Axiom.

You could probably E-Mail Andre and he might be able to make it up to you in some way.

Yeah. It probably is. I think YYF is one of the only companies that has reached it’s anodizing perfection. CLYW has some ano holes too.

Do you think YoYoJam should have better axles, like YoYoFactory’s? YoYoFactory’s are shiny, and lasts very long. YoYoJam’s are easier to screw in, but they rust and get caked-up. They should have better ones. Don’t you think?

Yeah, they should also get stainless steel bearings.

P.S. I deshielded my DM’s bearing, i saw that it didn’t have the new YYJ bearing, it came with an old bearing.

YYF still has issues with anno fading and scratching off.