Rim polished DV888 for jtman562

Hey everyone, I’m back with yet another rim polished yoyo!

This is how I got it. Some work has already been done to it but the annodize was not completely removed:

All the annodize removed (still on a low grit):

Mirror mirror on the wall:

Completed polish:

I’m not done just yet either, I’m taking it for a spin on the wheel a few more times


That’s really awesome. It’s really beautiful to look at and just shines and looks awesome no matter what. I think you did an excellent job there.

Sooo shiiiny. O_o

Holy coolness.

amazing just amazing…

I can’t wait to get it.

You use a polishing compound and a wheel? I like to use neverdull. It’s way easier but it still gets hot. lol

Wow this is soo cool :slight_smile:

i can dream what will my superstar look like if u polish the whole yoyo :o

You’re right, sometimes it gets pretty hot when you’re polishing it. Sometimes I have to stop to let it cool down ;D