satined yyf genesis


i did it!!! look at the pretty pictures!!!

i satined and mirror polished everything but the inside of the looks awesome and grinds better than before too.


You can’t satin AND mirror polish.

Either way though, your work looks nice. Nice decision call on leaving the inside portion of the rims alone.


Wow, very very nice, great job.


Well i geuss you would call it both a satin and mirror polish, since i satined it to get all the anodization off, then i used a higher grit sandpaper, a rubbing compound and a metal polish on it. It grinds amazingly well considering how shiny it is. Im still on debate on whether im gonna do the same to the inside of the rims though. It has a really hard shape to satin because of all the bumps.

(WildCat23) #5

just leave it.


How do you do it? I’m very interested in experimenting with one of my yoyos.


I have a video on my YouTube showing my setup, and basically how I did it. I might make a video showing exactly what I did, if I satin another yoyo. Btw I used 400 grit then a rubbing compound


Shiny!!! I love it!

(WildCat23) #9

That’s not a mirror polish. More like a shiny satin.