noob help

;D hey i have some duncan butterflys and i was wondering what the next step would be both price and skill wise i like the splatter paint and the acid wash. and i perfer the butterfly shape. ??? ???

yyj classic is a good choice. from there i would recommend a splash yyf dv888 or a c3 yoyo design token…

No DO NOT BUY ANY OF THOSE^^^ no offence :P, he doesn’t even have a bearingized yoyo yet, i doubt he can bind.

Classic is good, and will help you transition from responsive


The YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 is perfect for you, and you can get it in some COOL colors!! It will help you with responsive and unreponsive yoyoing!! You can use it forever, its a great shape, it has some metal, AND it looks really nice, trust me, i had one for a year.

Any quality plastic in the $10-$15 range should be fine. There are alot of good choices from yoyoJam and yoyoFactory.

I agree with Apollo here the dark magic 2 is a very good entrance yoyo even if I didn’t enter on it. I went through the dv888 but also has a YYF 2011 ONE that I started on which was a great plastic but it is to light which is how many of the yoyofactory plastics are. So i say spend the money go with a Dark Magic two and buy a color you like the most because there are some fun colors out that might strike you nicely. And you can always go back and pick up different yoyos later down the road like I currently am


15 bucks at a local Toys 'R Us. Can go from responsive to unresponsive on the fly. Can’t get any better. Plus it actually plays pretty good.

You can get just about any yoyo you want. Just put some thick lube in the bearing to make it responsive.

It can be quite a job though.

i had a Mosigto and it is good it just will hit the ground even with a shorter string sized for me. do you know what is wrong? i looked at the darkmagic i like it but what about the supernova? i like it is it good. if i get it it will be later on down the roud but how is it ? Thanks for all the responses!