Nonresponsive bearing?

What is the best C size non responsive bearing, and where could i get it from?

The best bearing is a matter of opinion and if you are looking for advice on where to get one here, the only answer will be YoYoExpert under Accessories.

on yye: kk
anywhere: nsk

what do u think about the 10-ballbearings

theyre perfect for my OCD !

8 balls are still even

Terrapin X 10 ball ceramic delta cut
“if your not a fan of the extreme centering that comes with the delta the wing cut is very nice too, it is the fine line between a flat and centering bearing”

i don’t like when people that have ocd brags about it, sometime they don’t even have it.
as far as 10 balls,i think its monstruous i think they are a bit novelty,they sure get it less noisy and smoother sometime but don’t put 10 balls in your preference list unless it’s really important for you.