Non dominant?

An interesting discovery I came across today.

I am right handed, and other than a few failed attempts at 3A, I never really tried to yoyo 1A exclusively on my left hand.

I was bored and decided to give it a try today. Now initially, the throw felt strange, which is of course why trying 3A always failed for me. But after a few tries and errors, I managed to start being able to mess around a bit. I started noticing that I was able to actually come up with some odd stuff that I normally would not have thought of had I been throwing on my right hand. Sometimes, they were just mirrored tricks with the added element of an extra string due to it being on a different hand, and other times it was something entirely different. This all came from just fooling around with it.

I highly suggest some of you give this a try. I ended up coming up with something new that I transfered back to my normal dominant hand, all thanks to trying the sloppy non dominant hand discovery.

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Nice! Glad it worked out in a positive way for you. I had tried yoyoing with my non dominant hand (left), and it felt incredibly weird! I couldn’t even manage to do a normal front bind more then half the time. Maybe now after reading your post, I may give it a try again and hopefully get better results.

Same here, I tried it the other day and I’m so right handed, I couldn’t even get a throw straight! Maybe I will have to practice more now that I saw your post. Cool topic!

I experimented with this over the weekend actually. I have recurring pipe dream of 2A competence so I try to keep my left hand as coordinated as possible :smiley:

Apples and oranges, but I use to switch my drumkit around too. Right handed for a month then flip it around and play lefty for a month. When I would go back to my dominant hand, I felt like Neil Peart.

I’m a firm believer in dexterity exercise.

I’ve done it before I was pretty bad at it but I might try it again

There’s definitely a perspective change with it, but I feel like it’s just a matter of building muscle memory since we already know a lot more about the physical tricks: it just comes to executing it. I’ve been messing around with my right hand so I can try and improve my coordination when it come to 3A

I had an idea awhile back to switch hands in a contest, like moebius without “moebius”, as to open up new trick possibilities.

It starts getting pretty serious when you’re a righty and could do horizontal playing as a lefty.

Oh my goodness….

Could you do a solid 1 minute freestyle and then switch hands and do the same freestyle, but it’d count since you technically haven’t done that trick before? (at least with that hand)

That would be sick.

Nahh I’d guess even if it counts as different trick, it won’t score that much since they are simply too similar to counts as a variation, but not sure either. What I initially meant is to throw a “right handed breakaway” (throwing to the right) with my left hand, it will spin the same, just different place of attaching the string hence the flow and the nature of the tricks can be totally different.

I think we have all tried it when we get bored. I smacked myself a few times playing lefty but I could eventually hit a trapeze and a double or nothing, but it takes a while for sure.

i actually do this all the time :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, thats the future of Möbius right there, going back and forth between hand dominance.
There is ways to open up the slipknot easier in order to switch instead of playing möbe, it usually requires arm tech.