noiseiness of the mvp

okay so im saving up for a mvp but i dont want to get something that will drive my parents crazy so heres my question.
is the meteor or the mvp quieter. if the mvp is louder how loud is it compared to the pgm v2.

it all depends on the bearing, but specs(the one in the MVP) are pretty good.

Just get a 10 ball and any yoyo will be silent. Or a Cosmo yoyo. The clear one. Dr. Yoyo said it dampens sound.

Woooo wooo wooo

Any bearing can be setup to be quiet yet unresponsive. I often used thin yyj lube with a tiny dot of duncan TUBE OF LUBE to quiten them down.

Granted some yoyos make more sound than others but its mostly about the bearing.]

The mvp looks like a fun yoyo though, so if you like it, go for it! And good onya for taking your parents into consideration.

In my early days I was all about that loud nasty sound.


thanks for all the replys but you guys still didnt answer my question. and I meant the stock bearing aka center trak.

I have a DIE-NASTY which comes stock with a center-trac. It is the loudest bearing I have ever heard. But it plays great, I can get like 5 string layers on it before it starts to slow down and breakaways are really smooth. To answer your question, your parents will hate it.(mine do)

If it gets too loud for you, put a drop of thin lube in there and it will be fine.

thanks about the die nasty reply but meatal on meatal migt sound diffrent so i was looking for a person with a mvp. thanks for all the tips on making a bearing quieter everyone :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You haven’t heard a gold bearing by taka…
THose are loud man!
And in my speeder?
Oh my god…

This has nothing to do with his question.

Here’s my info from experience. All of them stock.
PGMv.2=loudest, because of the triple bearings.
Meteor=never played with this, but I’m guessing it’s as equely loud or louder due to the new Speed bearing it comes with. Plus, the shape is pretty loud.
MVP=it’s loud, but not anymore than the PGM. A little quiter actually.

So, the MVP will probebly be the quietest.

The Meteor is pretty quiet, actually, really silent. This might be different to others’, though.

Really? That’s supprising. Does yours have a Speed Bearing? I hear(lol) those are loud.

If I were you, I would just get a 10 ball bearing with it. When I put an 8 ball in my M1, it sounds like 10 cars in an avalanche. With a 10 ball, it’s soft. Just a little whirrr. Around the volume of a laptop.

There is also the trainwreck 2.

the center trac bearings are very loud. i have used one. i am not sure how the mvp plays, but the center trac in general is a loud bearing. if you want a quiet bearing get a kk. i have them in my sclb’s, metal tres leches, and sclb plus’s. they are VERY quiet.

metal usually makes the bearings even louder. and my center-trac came with spacers on it so i couldn’t lube it.

From my experience with Meteors they are very quiet. Ive played about 10 Meteors, all different, all quiet. But most of my YYF’s are noisy ???

I’m not sure how well this works with large bearing yoyos, but if you take two pairs of pliers, grip the spacers, and pull, they should come apart.