I just got it in the mail yesterday and I love it. It’s beautiful and is really fun to throw but it won’t shut up. I’m used to it already but I’d rather it was quiet… I’ve tried other bearings but no luck. Is there anything I can do?


True hybrids (metal rims) do tend to amplify a lot more than metal or even full plastics in my experience…

  • There is a ton of variance in bearing sound between brands, even within the same brand. But you tried different bearings already. If you’ve tried other bearings you might be out of luck.

  • Did you try thin lube in the bearings? If you can lube them to the point where they are almost responsive – the maximum amount without making them fully responsive – you’ll minimize bearing sound.

(ClockMonsterLA) #3

Yeah, all my hybrids are noisy too for the most part. Basically, the plastic yoyo body acts as a sort of speaker cone, radiating any vibrations out in a highly audible way. Muzzling the bearing with a bit of thin lube is probably your best bet.

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Mine is pretty noisy too, even though it’s mint and smooth. Even tried swapping bearings a couple times. It’s just part of the design that it makes that sound.


Loudest yoyo I’ve ever had was the protostar, it was so bad. I would lube it and it gets quiet for a bit then starts screeching again. That on top of the spacers making it even harder to change/maintain bearings is the only reason I don’t have multiple protostars right now


Thanks for the replies, I’ll just deal with it. It’s not too bad.


Highly recommend thin lube if you have not gone that route yet. It absolutely works.


I’ll try later tonight.


The lube worked. Thanks guys.





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I absolutely love my iceberg! It is very noisy for some reason, you are correct on that. I switched the bearing out and that does not seem to help lol. It’s just one of those things. Almost every video I have watched on it is noisy. Other than that it is fantastic!


Is the bearing seat metal? I’m not taking it apart if I don’t have to after cross threading two Superstars.

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Yes, the iCEBERG has an aluminum bearing seat. It’s the same piece of metal as the fingerspin hub.


Thanks, so I can clean my bearings with lighter fluid without worrying?

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Of course, but you should make sure it’s dry (of solvent) before putting it back on the yoyo, as always