How to silent a bearing


How can you silent a bearing without affecting the overlay play?

Here are some things I tried

•telling it to shut up, didn’t work
•that’s it

Please help


Not all bearings CAN be silent, and not all yoyos are silent either. It’s a combination of the two. I don’t own one, but my understanding is that you’d be hard pressed to ever silence a Protostar, for example.

If silence is a requirement, about the best you can hope for is to buy a replacement bearing that’s known to be on the quiet side (10-ball from One Drop?) and use a little bit of lube (rather than running dry). Beyond that, there’s no magic.


Try actually talking to it.

Just kidding.

Some bearings are louder than others.

Some yoyos act as a natural amplifier for noise. Many plastics do this. A few metals do, but are almost never as bad. The Phenom, one of my favorites, is a bit noisy though. The caps and shape, it sounds like a hollow tin can, but the play is amazing and I can use the sound to determine if it’s time to bind it back or not. You can use this feature to your advantage.

A little lube can help, but the odds are usually that it’s the yoyo that’s amplifying the noise due to the material and/or shape of the yoyo. Either invest in earplugs or invest in a different yoyo.


Hey Chris, I know about the Phenom you told me through Facebook (I’m Alann, remember?)

But my Konkave bearing randomly gets loud then quiets down how can I fix it?


Ah, now I remember.

If it was me, I’d clean the bearing out in mineral spirits, use the paper slip method to clean it, then clean it again in Acetone and Terrapin X treat it.

I do have bearings that randomly get louder/quieter. If it doesn’t affect play, I just ignore it and keep playing. I have that issue with lots of different bearings, including One Drops, KK’s, Crucial Grooved, and CBC CenterTracs, just to name a few. I can’t say I have that issue with my 2 Trifectas because I cleaned and treated those and send them off, and right now I’m waiting for those plus 6 others I paid for to come back to me. I won’t see those bearings for a while, I have a big box of goodies those will ship with, so I’m looking at maybe 2 weeks or more before these ship. Why? Other stuff that will be gong in that box needs to be paid for as well. Might as well save on the shipping!


Pop in a Ten Ball and lube it. That is all I have, some yoyos are just louder than others. Btw, silent isn’t a verb.


Meant silence, i hate auto correct