Anyone can give a guide?


So, I really like yoyoing but the only thing I am bad at is maintenance. Every yoyo I have (no matter if it is a plastic or a metal), the bearing will always be very loud. Even with my DV888. It supposed to be quiet but now it’s very noisy. Can anyone give a full guide on maintenance?


Not all yoyos are loud. I find the design itself actually creates part of the problem. The shape of some yoyos actually acts as a natural amplifier. Of course, having a quieter bearing WILL help, but even so, any amplification due to shape will make it louder.

Some yoyos are very loud. A few that come to mind are the Trigger(one of my loudest), Protostar and Northstar. I know there are plenty of other noisy ones in the collection. Doesn’t stop me from playing any of them.

My One Drops and CLYW’s are very quiet, as is my Battosai and Sky Walker, KLR, Essence, and many others.

For you, I would recommend a complete and thorough bearing cleaning, followed by a very sparing lubrication. Or swap to a different bearing.

Some bearings are just noisy, some aren’t. A loud bearing isn’t necessarily defective or bad. So, if it bothers you, you’ll have to go do something about it. Clean it and lube it or swap it. Those are really your only options.


I find plastic yoyos to be louder. YoyoJam yoyos seem to be very loud, with some exceptions. I guess it may be the celcon, but the loudest yoyo I have is a Black Knight, which I think is polycarbonate. Hitman Pro and SR-71 are almost all metal, and are fairly silent. Lynn Fury and Fiesta XX are louder than almost all of my Duncans. Pro-Z’s and Shinwoo Phantom (c-sized) are about as loud as YYJ plastics.

The only metal I have that is real loud is the Metal Drifter with removable spacers. Most of my other metals you can hear a humm, but are not real loud. Avant Garde is almost dead silent.

Dry bearing are louder than lubed bearings, also.