how quite is your bearing?

Well I recently got myself a clyw artic circle, and that yoyo is ultra quite. Past yoyos I’ve owned have been pretty loud on the bearing. I wonder to myself sometimes is it how I break them in or what?

So what do you guys think is it brand of yoyo or how you take care of it?

I dunno but my yoyos are never quite… most often they are quiet.

My Arctic Circle has quite the bearing in it!

My Chik is a dead silent yoyo. It went loud for a day then back to silent again

My Chik showed up loud as hell but after I cleaned it, it was completely silent. I’ve become pretty good at cleaning my bearings so they all tend to stay pretty quiet.


lol at all the “quite” jokes. Mines are pretty quiet, but if I go a long time without cleaning or oiling them they start crying lol.

Some people say it’s the bearing, not the yoyo that makes it loud but I feel like the yoyo is a part of it… When I put some bearings in a certain throw it gets loud very quickly but when I put it in another different yoyo it’ll get quiet again pretty quickly… i don’t know why but that’s what happens to me. For example, when I put a 10 ball KK which is usually REALLY quiet in my Ooch Yo it gets loud in like a minute… But then I take it out and put it into my Lunar Wind and it gets quiet again…

But there are some bearings that aren’t ever really quiet like a center-trac… I can get some flat 8-balls very quiet but I can’t really get any concave 8-ball bearing quiet in any yoyo.

Mine’s quite quite.

My General Yo’s are so quiet that even if they weren’t quiet they’d still be quiet. That’s how quiet these yoyos are.

My Spec that came with the shutter was super quiet, but i didn’t like it, so i put my louder ct in, which i liked much more.

I like my bearings to have a smooth whir, kind of like the sound of running water. Too quiet or muffled and it distracts me. Any kind of rattling or scratching and it distracts me. I’m very picky about how my yoyos sound.

All in all, bearings really are fickle creatures. One batch can have. Large amount of variation, and the sound of a bearing can go loud or quiet overnight (or mid-play). Sometimes it makes me just want to pick up my butterfly and forget all this bearing nonsense…