My yo-yo makes too much noise!

Hey everybody, I know this is probably a pretty common thing but my yo-yo, a YYJ New Breed, hisses like a wounded snake. It is just a little disturbing and I was wondering if there was anything wrong with the bearing or something and if I could somehow fix it. Any suggestions?

It’s more than likely the bearing. Try putting some thin lube in it and see if that doesn’t quite it down a bit

Sometimes in plastic/hybrid yoyos, the bearing shakes too much against that hollow plastic and makes the entire yoyo resonate, I think that may be your problemo. Make sure it’s lubed, and if all else fails, swap it out to a metal, it is a lot less annoying then.

Nice try, but no? And it’s “su problema.” :stuck_out_tongue:

lubing must be the solution

i think this right.
by the fact that plastic and hybrid yoyo is louder than metals.
but, im dont find it hinder the play.
lube it would be alright.
dont jump on to conclusion to jump to a metal.

Lube it.

try taking the caps out it might viberate less

I don’t know. Whenever I lube my yo’s they get louder.

What lube do you use?
Does your bearing have its shileds on or off?

Sorry, but this really isn’t right. Several of my plastic yoyos are much quieter than my metal.

As has been said many,many, many times already. Add a small dab of thin lube to the bearing. Then play it for a little while and it will be good as new. It might be a bit more responsive at first and maybe even louder but it will quiet down and be dead for you again. It’s worked for me the last few times I’ve done it. ;D Hope it helps