Help with Trigger Noise.....

Does anyone else have a problem with the YYJ Trigger making a LOT of noise? My son bought me one and I love it but its so doggone loud. When I first got it, it was fine. I put in my silent running trifecta bearing and it was great. But when I put the original speed bearing back in it, it was loud. I’ve tried about 4 other bearings and they are all loud - only in the Trigger. I’ve cleaned and switched things around, tightened, untightened and its still the same. Does anyone know what I can do to stop the noise? I love the yoyo and I feel bad that I don’t play it that much, but its so stinking loud!

Any help would be appriciated ???

probably because the bearing is worn out very normal but it just needs a new bearing. that or you could attempt cleaning it.

He said he already cleaned it. Also bearings don’t get loud from wear.

Are you running the bearing dry or with lube?

Most dry bearings tend to be crazy loud or just loud.

I would just add a drop of lube, and break it in by doing some gyroscopic flops.

Is there anything in the bearing seat? Is the bearing spinning rough when you flick it on a pencil?

Answering these questions helps us help you a lot easier. :slight_smile:

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It’s the nature of the beast. The Trigger, like the Protostar, is just unusually loud.

Yup, it’s just a loud yoyo.

But he says when he puts in different bearings it becomes quiet.


If you’ve found a bearing that makes it quiet, that’s one step ahead of me. Every bearing I’ve put in there (and I even lube my bearings for the most part) has been nutty loud. It’s just a really loud yoyo.

But a great player!

That machined celcon is a seriously resonant material. It’s like having two little megaphones on an axle. Literally. Still love mine, though. Just not when I have a headache. Or when the neighbors are sleeping. Or on Sundays. Or within city limits.

A little lube goes a long way to quiet a bearing down.
No, Abbey, it’s not worn…

My trigger is loud regardless what bearing I put in it. Even with a lubed 10 ball it’s pretty loud. I heard it was caused by the bearing slightly rubbing against the wall of the yoyo. But, it’s worth it for a pretty good playing yoyo.

Here’s your solution right here:

It was quiet for a while right after I got it. But then it just got loud. The bearings I use in my other yoyos that are dead quiet, rattle the windows in the Trigger. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s in it, its loud. I’ve lubed them but still nothing. I’m judging by the responses that its just a loud throw. I’ll try the ear plugs and see how that works ;D

Just enjoy the noise. It’s all part of the Trigger’s personality.