Are all of them really loud

I have 2

And so I conclude.

Ohhhhh yeaaahhh!

yep. and ive only played with it once.

Yeah, mine is pretty loud. And sometimes I will be in the middle of a rick and then it gets like 2 times louder. But it still plays great.

Ya I like mine but it annoying

Is it the bearing seat that’s causing this or the bearing itself? If it’s not the seat, I’d assume you could simply clean the bearing.

My Ooch-yo can rattle like crazy sometimes because the bearing seat is just too loose. Happens a tiny tiny bit on my Token, nothing too noticeable however.

I also have two.

I concur. Yes. It’s not a quiet yoyo.

Cleaning and proper lubing/treating helps knock it down a bit, but this is typical of many YYJ plastics and plastic/metals. Nothing to worry about. Just throw and enjoy.

I hadn’t really thought about it before so when I saw this thread I went and threw mine to see.
Yep, she’s a screamer. I had never really noticed it before, but now that you have drawn my attention to it it’s all I’ll think about.

Great! My Trigger and I have had such a great relationship up until now. Now I’ll just be constantly wanting to tell her to pipe down. Then she’ll tell me how she hates it when I kick my dirty skivvies behind the bathroom door in the morning. I start seeing more of my Bapezilla2 on the sly. I come home late to find my Trigger crying all alone under the couch. We’ll probably end up in counseling over this now.

Thanks, thanks a lot.

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yes really loud i could hear it from the basement :o

Yes, they are but they are oh-so good!