mvp or meteor

ok so im going to get a new meatal and ive narrowed it down to the mvp or the meteor. please dont suggest any other yoyos and i dont care about price. i want to know what youall perfer for 1a

Neither of them is better than the other. Just get the one you think looks cooler.

I agree. When i can’t decide between a yo-yo i look at the reviews. When i pick the one which is better i get. If they’re the same i have to decide on the design, shape, color, etc. Start off with the reviews, and see which is more your style. If they’re both ur style, pick one with the best appearance.

i like undersized yoyos but would be willing to sacrifice that for a center trac or beadblasting. im a small guy.

get the undersized yyo and then just buy the center trac bearing or KK bearing seperately. get the best of worlds (wow i can’t belive i just said that)…