No ricochet review?

Can’t seem to find a decent review of one anywhere!

there was a whole thread dedicated to the Ricochet with lots of mini reviews, but in short it’s good

Ya. I read that thread. Didn’t really give a solid review though.

What would you like to know?


I picked one up at nats

I’m not a fan of how the rims end and wish they were more rounded but it plays fine and it’s not a bad throw

I wish it didn’t say made in China on it.

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I tend to agree, but honestly the supernova (& all of the current line up I’ve tried) has slowly changed my mindXbecause the quality is very decent, I’m not pro china at all, but in this case YYF does have a nice set up and they work on some really tight tolerances (these aren’t cheap (directly correlated and indicative of quality) leaded and poisoned atypical toys from china we’re used to here).


Not just that, it’s an ugly engraving.

Since when can you see these things while using the throw?

I find the ricochet to be one of my favorites out of quite a few high end throws. The only throw out of my collection I play more is the chief. I have a small collection: ricochet, chief, 2nd run peak, DM2, aurora, Hyperion, mighty flea, TiWalker, sovereign, maverick, exodus, and heavy wing. Something about the ricochet just makes it play good all around IMO. It’s also on the smaller side which I tend to prefer. It just goes where you want it to without much effort is how I would describe it.

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I’d prefer it to not have it, but it’s no big deal.

You’re complaining about something that has to be on there legally. Complaining about it will not make yoyofactory change their mind

I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind. Just saying it looks bad and I’d rather pay more for a USA run. Of course they’ve already made 1000 of them so I doubt more are coming.

I got one through yesterday, and haven’t picked up anything else since. I was genuinely surprised at how well it plays for such a small diameter yoyo.

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I’d definitely prefer a USA made but right now none are available (that I know of).

Their entire goal was to make a cheap titanium throw so that’d somewhat defeat the purpose

They may as well just make a top tier titanium throw in the USA if they’re gonna charge more

They did. They called it a catch 22

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The catch 22 was a bimetal.

The difference is qualitative

How so? I very seriously doubt the quality of the 22 is any better than the ricochet but if you can explain how its of better quality then I’d be glad to try and understand it. The ricochet is a small throw made out of titanium. It performs as well if not better than any other throw that is similar in size that I have compared it to. What am I missing here?