No Offense to anyone. But CLYW fanboys bug me.

Everytime I talk to a person who likes all companys and I make a trade offer to them they are fine with my YYF or C3.
But a CLYW fanboy that I talked to didn’t consider any offers beside CLYW. And they were basically offended that I offered those. Basically if you want to be a jerk about your yoyos then just dont trade. Obly talk to other fanboys.

Someone got rejected from a trade for their dv888.

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haha no! I wish I had a DV888 those are sick

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While I agree with what you say, you’re argument seems most invalid. Most people specify in their wants that they only want “this” yoyo, but all offers should at least be considered. But at the same time, some people scoff that someone offered them a Berserker RX that is mint with box instead of 6 peaks all signed by God himself. It is incredibly annoying but we will never be able to get rid of them as long as CLYW continues to produce collectible throws. So as I say, you don’t have to like someone, but that doesn’t mean you have to be mean to them.

What annoys me is when people say NO YYF on their BST but then their BST has like 7 YYFs in it, and when people think their B-Grade Superstar is worth $70.

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I’ve just found it’s easier to not deal in clyw at all since people over value it

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+1 to that

Seriously I actually really like YYF

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I <3 OD ;D


I just don’t like fanboys [fullstop]

I’m not offended. Jealousy doesn’t bother me.

I would agree. If their BST does not specify that they ONLY want CLYW, then they shouldn’t be a jerk when offered another company. But that’s people nowadays, you just have to ignore them and move along.

Says the guy with a beat peak as his profile picture.

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Ooooooohhh, no but in all honesty I agree

yup but guess what? I sold it for not a ridiculous price

While CLYW fanboys are indeed a joke, what’s also a joke is the elitist type people who bag on the CLYW fanboys in order to elevate themselves like they are some obscure brand using hipster. Remember all you are doing is throwing yoyos.

These are yoyos people. Freaking yoyos. CLYW makes yoyos. Some people try too hard to get picked up by them and make them a lifestyle * cough noah bachofen cough cough * and some people try too hard not to care about them.

People care too much.

Edit for clarity: This wasn’t directed at the OP, but rather a general statement.

That isn’t the point…?

Let fanboys be fanboys. If they were all over YYF I’m sure that would piss you off also. I happen to love onedrop. So be it, onedrop deserves my love. I happen to love CLYW. They deserve it too. I don’t love YYF, but I acknowledge that they have 2 or 3 throws that I love.

Really, nothing’s going to change so I’d advise you to suck it up.

It is all a matter of mere opinion. That just might annoy him, but like I said he should just ignore it. Everybody is different and I agree that it is going to stay that way, but just let it be man.

Yep only $500.

What was the point of this thread? If we are all complaining about people behind their Back then doesn’t that make us just as bad or worse than the people we are complaining about? Food for thought… And no I’m not a fanboy. But I’m not defending them either. We all have preferences and we have all probably done something someone else was complaining about to. Including me. I say we should just stop and think about it from their point of view. :slight_smile: maybe we will think what they thought and understand what happened.

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