No love for the Vosun TiMe?

Disclaimer: I didn’t think this thread would really fit in the “looking for help/recommendation” section as this is more of a general discussion about the sleeper hit Vosun Time.

Something that’s come across my mind for the past month I’ve owned the Vosun TiMe, there seems to be zero talk about it. Haven’t seen any feedback on the yoyo whether positive or negative…nothing on the BST either. There was a quick blurb a few days later after they dropped at the tackle shop last month about how the bearings came heavily lubed and such but that was about it.

I know they just recently dropped on YYE and seems to be quite a bit in stock a week later and if I’m not mistaken, the quantity in stock hasn’t changed since I saw it initially.

I feel like it’s an excellent yoyo, a good “first titanium” and a good one to add to one’s collection. Not to mention, the raw and polished combo finish looks stunning in person. It’s been one of my daily throws since I’ve had it.

Curious has anyone else played one? What were your thoughts? Lots of questions to be had…are yoyoers holding off on a lesser known company to save for the more expensive Titanium Shutter?

I do not own a Vosun Time, although it looks amazing. I would love to get my hands on this one. But I have bills to pay so far up my … I don’t think I’ll be buying any new throws for a long while. But this is one I can add to my wish list.

If money were better rn and I didn’t keep finding cool old stuff on eBay id get one.

I have a petrichor by vosun and I’m really impressed with it, I bet the time is awesome.
Hype goes a long ways.

Vosum any good?

They have some good stuff.

I also have the Petrichor (Thanks Colbywill!); which also seems to not get any attention, and it is one of my favorites. I seem to pick it up a lot. I’m sure the TiMe is super nice. If I pony up for a Ti, it will be at the top of the list.

Play-wise, I’d say it feels comparable to a YYF Ti Dream for just a bit over half the price. I haven’t played any other Vosuns other than the V6 (Played ThinkH20’s at BAC) which felt nice. The TiMe is definitely a nice throw in my opinion, been using it to learn tricks thanks to its long spin times.

The Vosun TiMe is an fantastic titanium throw. Quick, long-spinning and stable. This yo-yo is everything that a titanium yo-yo should be. Its is an even better value Titanium throw. Mine is super-smooth, The stock bearing is a dream. The only thing that this yo-yo lacks is HYPE!
Because Vosun seems less focused on the American market, their marketing machine does not help put this yo-yo on the map here in the USA. If the Vosun TiMe was made by OneDrop or CLYW; it would be the talk of the forum.


I have a Vosun EZTrik. I find it doesn’t take a bind very readily, and so I don’t throw it often. It is a smooth and good feeling yoyo, except for the bind thing… maybe someday, I’ll try to redo the response and see if that helps.

Definitely lack of hype. Was playing mine again earlier and a month later I’m still amazed by it. Checks YYE store Hey, 3 of them sold!

I would also mention that the market may be suffering from a bit of “Titanium fatigue”.

So many Titanium yo-yo’s recently that I think the market has lost a bit of the “if it’s titanium - I gotta have it” mentality.

There are so many good titanium yo-yo’s. Only so many dollars available. Quality will always sell, however. I would think these TiMe’s will find a home when word gets around.

I think it’s less of a ‘gotta have it mentality’ and more of a ‘can’t afford it reality’.

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Good point. I think I am starting to be a bit more choosy too.

Yeah me too.
I really like my Vosum V4,not the throw a $100 is,but for $30 bucks new,I like the shape,weight,feel and response of it.
I’ve just been buying used off here,and my main ones are,Werrd 2k13?,Superstar bi-metal,and my new(to me) OD Benchmark V.
Liked magicyoyo,still do,just wanted to feel what the more expensive ones feel like.
So I’m not going to buy any for awhile.

I have a B grade for ano Petrichor that’s an awesome yoyo that I throw every day. Huge bang for the buck on some 7075 sweetness!

I’m thinking about the TiMe being my first titanium :slight_smile:

Get a tirrox!!

I was thinking of getting this one for sparks… ::slight_smile:

I would have bought a TiRROX in a heartbeat if I had the funds I once had. I did play one though, was definitely a nice throw. I didn’t really feel much of a difference in play between that and the FiRROX however.

Lol, that’s great! :smiley: