TiMe bearing?


Does anyone happen to know what “grooved bearing” the TiMe comes with?


As far as I can tell Vosun manufactures their own bearings. This is most likely their 10 Ball Grooved.


Really? That’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:



Every once in a while, I get a Chinese yo-yo that has a really awesome bearing in it. I can only assume that then notoriously adaptable Chinese product pipeline must work in your favor once in awhile.


Is the TiMe worth it?


I doubt they actually manufacture their own bearings. They most likely source them from an experienced bearing manufacturer and market it as a Vosun Bearing.

That said, if you like the bearing then stick with it! It probably isn’t much different from any other grooved bearing on the market though.


Other than the bst, I only purchase stuff from here so I may pick a couple other grooved bearings up from here next time I want a few extra bearings :wink:


I really like mine. I really like the two toned look that it has from the polished rims. Is it worth ~$200? That’s more up to you to decide.


Any idea when you guys will get a restock on the crucial groove bearings?