Gold Plated bearings?

Anybody tried them? like is it worth the extra money as aposed to getting a YYF spec bearing, AIGR bearing, speed bearing etc.

I have one in my Canvas. Other than making the bearing look shiny and pretty while it is spinning I have not honestly noticed a difference. It’s fun to say the bearing is gold plated and it does look great. I’m sure there is some truth to the advertised statements. I just have not found the spin time to be drastically superior.

That being said, my gold plated bearing is a standard 8 ball bearing. The 10 balls they have now may actually be significantly more smooth but I am yet to try one out.

do they also come in D size, I’d love to have one in my gold plated yoyo ^^

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I may be totally wrong here, but I got the impression that these where designed as no lube bearings for high humidity environments.

I found an a sized one at a contest and no one claimed it so I threw it in my freehand. It plays fine nothing special.

They were heavily hyped a couple of years ago. Never had one but the word at the time was they were no better than a stainless bearing. Frankly this is the first I’ve heard mention of them since then.

HOnestly they are junk. They don’t last long at all. Don’t buy them unless you like junk bearings. They lock up quickly. I have had more than 5 of them and they all locked up…


Gold makes everything better.
The bearing looks fantastic, and I’m sure it’ll boost your self esteem.

But diamonds are a girl’s best friend. :smiley:

been considering a diamond CW for a while,

pros: bling
cons: ruin your yoyo if it touches it, price

I am actually thinking of throwing one in my Christmas edition X-Con Pro.
The gold would match beautifully. :smiley: