Gold bearing


Is it worth buying


From my understanding it is all vanity. I could be wrong. I will suggest what I was told early in the bearing game. Get one of each and try them in different throws as they will react differently. Some will improve play and others will hinder it.


It is just to make your yoyo pretty. Probably less durable because gold is soft and malleable.


It is just a normal bearing. The fact that it is gold means that is completely clean. It has no dirt or lube in it. I think I’m right don’t quote me on this.


It’s not pure 24k gold…If it were, it’d be going for a lot more than $15/bearing.

The gold color is from a process used to treat the bearings. It’s not actual elemental gold. They work good for a while, but die pretty quick. And you’re not supposed to clean them…don’t buy them.


They’re pretty smooth actually…


It’s gold due to some treatment. The gold color wears off fast. It is not covered with gold.

I’ve heard more bad than good things about it, but you know how it is, negative stuff gets posted, positive stuff tends to stay quiet.

YYE wouldn’t knowingly carry a junk product, so it must be decent.

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I’ve actually heard it’s good, like really good. But obviously according to others, it’s just your average bearing.

They carry the Avant Garde II. haha


YYE carries quite a few yoyos and other items I don’t care for. It doesn’t mean those products are bad, it just means I don’t care for them.

I try to not let my opinion be presented as fact.


Sigging this. Lmao.


I have a few of these gold bearings. I have not found them to be superior to many stock bearings on the market. My biggest beef is with noise. They are way too loud for my tastes - like a 10-Ball, they start out nice, but within a week they sound like old roller-skates with loose ball bearings. I chucked them for a Terrapin.

IMHO If you want good bearings:

  1. Terrapin X ceramic NOT the steel. Awesome but expensive.

  2. General-Yo AIGR - best all-around value and QUIET!

  3. YYE/YYF/YYJ speed bearing