Gold bearings

I heard that gold bearing are suppost to out spin 10 ball bearings. Is this true?

If your talking about these

Then yes, that is what I have heard and read on a couple forums. But just to be sure i’m buying one soon to test out this theory.

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I’ve heard that they’re beyond great for a while and then soon after that they become worse than stock bearings.

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Yeah, they’re great at the beginning, but they tend to lock up after maybe a month of play. I don’t think they’re worth the money.

I heard that too, but what that person later found out was that your not supposed to clean this bearing. If you do it then it completely destroys the spin time.

what about yyj’s? do they fit the new breed?

Yes they have c sizes.

YYJ gold bearings? That exists? Ha I didn’t even know.

I believe he meant do they fit in yyj’s.

Well, you cant call them YYJ bearing cuz Onedrops use that size too but people dont call them onedrop bearings.

A lot of yoyos use the same size bearings.

Yup. YYJ, YYF, One Drop, Audley (or is it Auldey?), probably many more.

Exactly!! So why dont people say YYF bearings or Audley bearings? Lets stick with C sized bearings.

Yeah, but kids make that mistake all the time. Anyways getting a little off topic.

Gold are allright but noise and you need to lube them or they will lock up after time. They are about the same as a stock bearing, after being cleaned and lubed. Not worth the money.