How good are the Gold Plated Bearings?

Wondering if I should get one

Frankly, the fact that it is a 10 ball is probably a more significant factor than it being gold plated.
it’s your nickel.

I don’t care that its gold plated, but that’s the name so I referred to it as Gold Plated.

Nobody? ???

I’ve heard mixed things about them, enough to the point where I have no interest in these bearings.

I am going to buy some OD 10 ball and some Terrapin X in the next week. I also have some extra Crucial Groove, CenterTracs and others. I’m just stocking up on some bearings since one of my kid’s seems to think it’s cool to take my yoyos apart, not put them all the way back together, throw them and watch them explode, and then bearings get lost. I may have to add a metal detector to my kit of yoyo tools.

haha thanks