No bearing November


While all my friends are doing “no-shave” november. (my facial is patchy and crappy looking) i have made it a personal mission to not play a bearing throw until December 1st. Everyone wanting to do this i encourage you to do so, we can all post vids or pics of us playing with fixed axle towards the end of the month. Let this be a chance to get back to the roots of throwing :slight_smile:


to late for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m in! (Just not 100%. Mid November I have a birthday and I might receive a yoyo. It would be rude not to play it ;)) You can ALMOST count on me! ::slight_smile:


Sounds like a fun challenge.


I’ve been playing responsive lately. I think I’ll stick with that. I play a lot of fixed axle anyway so…


I’m not doing the no-shave November thing. Don’t even want to think what kind of awful my face is gonna look like.

Sorry, can’t do the no bearing November. Still learning. Needs my bearing yoyos for now.

But, since I’m also throwing and collecting, outside of Duncan Imperials and Butterfly yoyos, I’d like to hear about other current in-production yoyos that are fixed bearing.

I think this whole “no bearing November” concept is really cool. For me, this is not the time to do this. However, maybe next year, I might give it a shot if my skills have grown massively. I would also think that having “no bearing November vids” would be cool too: Who can land the hardest trick or longest combo using a fixed axle contest. Of course, judging would need to be done by real yoyo experts. Fortunately, there appears to be no shortage of those here.


I really need to get a good fixed-axle. I’m thinking a TMBR Irving, I love the way they look.


Yeah I might be picking one of those up soon too.

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No-shave November is an annual ritual that celebrates natural unhindered growth of facial hair no matter how it looks. Totally doing it, looking incredibly terrible.

As for no-bearing november, great initiative, I’m not doing it though.


For the people not doing it thank you for replying anyway. but for the people attempting to do so I think it’s going to be really fun. And i look forward to seeing some fixed axle vids ;D


Being a girl I could care less about “No Shave November” (no disrespect to all you manly, hairy men…)…but “No Bearing November” sounds fun. I’m in.


I might do no bearing December.

December of last year is when I got my first yo yo. It was a fixed axle one too.

What’s a good one to get? I have a Duncan Imperial, but I would like something a little better.


Deal! Just figured out my No-Jive axle fits in a Freehand.

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Ever tryed screwing together a plastic without a bearing in it? You end up with a modern (Somewhat) fixed axle.


Hahaha, I live in perpetual “No Shave November” because I don’t have facial hair, yet. So I guess you could say I participate, haha.

Until the threaded axle chews through your string…

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cool idea. i try to divide my time evenly between playing with bearings and without. i did a fixed axle lent a few years ago and the degree to which we rely upon the PERCEIVED advantages of bearings was really eye-opening for me. it’s like learning a new language; you start to think about all of your tricks in different ways and it starts to inform your whole yo-yo outlook. best wishes on a fulfilling month.

good call. wait till you’re not learning anymore. ::slight_smile:


I guess I need to buy a fixed axle, or I will play with half bearings.


I’m only 6 months in and making SLOW progress. I got a lot to learn before I decided to really focus on solid axle play.


I’ll definitely try to put some effort into No bearing November. What are some yoyos ou guys suggest besides the older duncans I have?


Buy a cheap bearing, and lock it up.