Okay, I am desperate now. What is going on?

In the last 3 days, the only yoyos I have thrown are a Strix, Shutter, Raptor (5A), and Xodus II (offstring). All but the Xodus II (because of the starburst pads) have lost a response pad. Is it because of the weather or something?

Please Help Me!? :’(

Maybe because you’ve been playing them for a while? Try siliconing them, silicone can last much longer than pads.

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For sure

First thing I do with new yoyos is take the pads out and silicon them (if they have pads)
They last longer and you can control the response you get from them

It doesnt take very long to learn and when you do its kinda fun!

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I do the same unless I plan on trading it and don’t want to mess with it if the pads work fine.

They’ll come off whether you like it or not. That just happens, they get old.