Nimble Yoyos

I encourage you to try the YoYoBall Hendiatris. It’s not sub 60g, but close; I kid you not when I say it might be the longest spinning throw I’ve ever used. Gotta make an appreciation post for that thing sometime.


g2 sl1000 is hands down the most nimble yoyo ive played. it does not lack spin power either.


Whoa, full-sized 49g? Don’t know how he did that. Looks like it’ll be hard to find, but I’ll keep an eye out.

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:raised_hand:t2: ← this n00b thinks that the Dink from Jake Bullock is really Nimble and also a lot of other good things. Off the top of my head if is:

  1. Nimble yet speedy.
  2. Agile but fast.
  3. Does not feel unwantedly lightweight
  4. Catches my eye easily during play.
  5. It’s quite durable bc Stainless make skronk :muscle:t2:
  6. “Jake Bullock” is a company with kindness and levity worth giving money to.
  7. It’s dawning on me that the first couple aren’t necessarily diametrically opposing qualifiers but I’m gonna commit to no edit it bc the content remains unchanged regardless.

It’s Brandon tested but Dewey approved :+1:t2::joy_cat:


I’d agree on the Dink. Definitely nimble. My submission is the Assassin from @hobbygod. I’m throwing it in the kitchen while making dinner, and it just kills :laughing:. Super fast, but assertive. It goes where you tell it and in a hurry. I like it a little more than the Dink due to its width. Just hits right.


Good answer, but I was going to say Aspen… for it’s weight and size you’d think it’s sluggish but it’s actually the most nimble comp specd yoyo I have.

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Unicorn. fullsentence.

The Tankette indeed does feel light, and dainty, but in no way would I describe it as anemic. It definitely has a very different feel but it can work through what passes as my only combo at present, where some other well regarded throws give me more issue.

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I agree. papercut is also good for speed

The most nimble throw I have is the Duncan Orbital GTX. I also have the GTR and I feel very clumsy with it. The original Orbit is a lot of fun too but the GTX is absolutely nuts.
Hmu if you’re looking for another GTR, cause I can’t stand the thing and will trade almost anything for it haha.


OP Yo-yos Sprite
light, quick, plenty of spin and power it is easily moved around with out a lot of force.
It is also very pink, it will be seen


Since I made that post, I realized I like nimble even more than floaty, but esp. a nice balance of nimble and floaty.

For nimble: I love the whole OD family that’s, like, Karumaiju and Reboot - Reboot is especially zippy and quick and delicate.

The YYRec Blur Autoscopy is awesome - like this tiny precise scalpel.

The YYFr Da Vinci is an absolute blast - fast, zippy, not even a tiny bit thuddy, just an absolute dancer.

My personal favorite for zippy is probably the Zipline Honey Badger, which is just about as agile and responsive as I could ever want. Feels sweet, plays super fun.

Also a weird left-field choice - I find the OD Wizard, which is huge and floaty, also surprisingly nimble for its size, and this wonderful odd balance of nimble and floaty. Love it, totally unlike any other yoyo I have.


Thanks for coming back to update us!

Which version of the HB do you like in particular?

It’s the '23. It’s definitely nimble/agile/fun and not out-of-control fast.

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I don’t have very many, but I must say that the iceberg gets better every time I use it. It’s extremely stable but a lot more nimble than similar yoyos. Of course, I’m comparing it to the Atlas, so…

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Do you have the new or classic version?

AL7 Arbiter X, Brass or SS, super nimble.


Agreed with the above here. Arbiter al7 x in ss or brass. There was a recent release of the ss.

Al7 Banshee 22 is my favorite alum mono. I’d describe as agile. Wonderful counterpart to the arbiter.

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The new one, although the only difference is a slight increase in width

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