Nickel and Brass

I love the look and feel of my Code 1 with brass spikes, but it seems to be damaging the nickel in the hub. Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this.

Pics? It’s possible you’re seeing galvanic corrosion where one metal is having a direct effect on the other.

The Nickel was getting a white buildup which was eating through it, bare aluminum is exposed in some spots. The brass is turning green which is normal for brass.

Strange, I’m aware of the green patina on brass, but unsure about the white corrosion. Pics would be helpful.

Nickel oxide alone could also show a green color just like copper. However, if even the copper part of the brass is corroding, then everything would regardless of being in contact w another metal or not. I havent seen anything of either brass or nickel literally turning green in a typical indoor environment. I
n my experience that only happens when you soak it in mud and seawater.
You could still try to polish the area in contact w the spikes down to raw aluminum, andwhut

What kind of environment do your yoyos live in? Is it damp or humid? These sort of reactions almost never take place in a dry environment. I have a couple dozen nickel yoyos and some of them have brass in contact with the nickel. but I have yet to see the chemical reactions you are experiencing. More information, please!


In a drawer in my room, the yoyo the string might have gotten damp or something.