Metal yoyos getting small pits?

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Basically most of my friends yoyos were gradually having small pits on it, sometimes it’s the whole yoyo, sometimes just around response area which eventually turn them into string cutters. The thing is, I’ve been yoyoing longer and having more yoyos than anyone in my club but I never had these, maybe only some small black dots in my raw yoyos that I can clean up by polishing anyway.
This wasn’t a particular brand problem, right now I had my friend’s CLYW, I think it’s Chief (anodized dark purple, I don’t really fancy these enough to know the colorway lol) he asked me to “fix the string cutting” thing around the response groove (it’s almost like “cracked” or something). It also has some rough dot things going on the body too that feels like sand sticks deep into the aluminum. Now I’m wondering what caused these?


Droping an yoyo half on the hard surface while unsrewing it? Or maybe scratching it while taking out a knot with something semi sharp?

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It’s not from dings as far as I’m concerned, it’s more like chemically… rusted… in a way that it creates small pits. For now I assume it’s because of sweat, but can’t be too sure.




I’ve seen pitting when I have stripped yoyos in the past, but never on a properly anodized yoyo.


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I’ve already sanded the part but you can still see it.
It also had that rough feeling on certain part of the body but not visible enough to take the pic.
This wasn’t the first time though, it had happened on different people with yoyos from different manufacturers…


That is really strange. It looks like the damage is centered around where silicone touches the aluminum. Maybe the silicone you are using has some type of reaction with the aluminum?


That looks nasty! I bet it makes the yoyo considerably less smooth…
I have no idea how this happened. I’ve seen 7 year old abused throws that are just fine…


I’m leaning towards the use of something metal and sharp to get knots out…

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Still nope, I don’t think so. It has happened on another of my another friend’s DV888, it has these pits but on the body instead and it looks as if it’s stabbed multiple times with small needle, like literally small holes all over the yoyo. I find it hard to believe if it’s because of dings or sharp material because these are quite “even” on the surface.


Do these guys sweat a lot? Could be corrosion due to body chemistry.


Looks a lot more like someone was inexperienced at removing the bearing or response pads. No way it’s anything else, especially on an anodized yoyo.


We need photos of your other friends yoyos in order to see this issue in more detail.
Please don’t skimp on the pics. This is very interesting.

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This is what I thought too, most of them don’t use yoyo bags (except one who use them but still have these :confused: ) most seem to carry them in their pocket, talk about humidity.

I’ve returned the chief and don’t carry any of their yoyos at the moment, unfortunately the DV888 guy I talked about rarely ever hang out anymore so can’t take any pics.

As of for now, I can only assume it’s from sweat, especially storing them with humid string.


Yeah my guess would be sweat and humidity as well, causing uneven corrosion.