Problems with funky tarnishing on raw yoyos

Hello all.

About 4-5 months ago i purchased a brand new yoyo that had a satin finish on it, about a week after i got it i found these weird dots all over it, I thought it was tarnish so i polished it up with some compound and it seemed to help, but then it started coming back.

I got tired of polishing it every other day and sent it for a more professional polish, and low and behold it came back in no time flat.

I’m now noticing this on all my yoyos with exposed raw aluminum.

Could it be that the sweat that the yoyo collects is getting stuck to the foam?

If so how could I get rid of it and solve the problem?

Aluminum begins to oxidize the second it is exposed to air.

Take the nickel plating process. After the throw is prepped and if it is aluminum it must be coated in a zincate solution. The zincate is replaced with nickel as it is placed into the bath. Otherwise proper coating is futile.

How does this play into your situation? The fact that air alone will cause oxidation plus greasy or sweaty hands help that along will leave you polishing for the rest of its life as a raw throw.

Clear coating it after it has been thoroughly cleaned is the only way to keep it at bay. Ano will work as well but won’t give you the high shine you looking for.

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