NH Chronicle

So this past saturday I had a talent show, I did not win, but after the show was over a news reporter approached me and asked if he could get some contact info to do a new hampshire chronicle. Today I got a call from News 9 saying they would like to come over to my house next tuesday to do a feature on me and my yoyoing. am looking forward to it.

Oh btw im back

Whereabouts in NH? Nashua’s my hometown.

Thats awesome man! Yoyoing is getting more and more exposure to the mainstream… Good-o ;D

And good luck with the interview!

Sweet, good luck, and welcome back. (I missed you. :’( )

Its going to be in Milford.

Hey hey! Awesome!

By the way, are you coming to MA States on Sunday, perchance?

Drop a link when you get one!

Yes I do plan on coming to MA states sunday I dont really have a routine but ill just wing it

Hey, I actually practiced this time, so it’s totally on.

I havent and dont plan to

Dude as soon as you get a day for the showing let me know! I will plaster it all over the Eli Hops facebook, twitter, blog, etc! Congratulations man!

(I live in MA but I lived in Dover for two years so NH is a part of me too, plus 3 of my kids were born in NH)