next yoyo

can anyone give me a next yoyo… I am at the later part of advanced section 1 and currently have a velocity.

The Velocity is great.

Were you thinking metal rimmed or metal? What do you think you want to try-big/small, heavy/light, maybe a guess at what shape…?

Well i want to work up to a DM but I dont think thats at my level.

If you think you would like it and have the money, go for it. You might need to learn to bind, but that’s fine.

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dude, DM’s totally right in your section! But i think you should get a California.

If you want to go cheap and advance…
Go for Protostar…

Why should he get a California if he isn’t even sure he wants a Dark Magic?

Dark Magic is an awesome yo-yo. I’m with Brain on this, if you have the money then go for it. It can and will carry you beyond the tricks on this site, but can also be used to show the little kids walk the dog(scary! haha) at the park. It is a great yoyo

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