next tricks to learn

So I got regular corkscrew and 1 hand? merry go round down. I saw a 2 hand one in the acrobat video I think? I don’t really want to learn any other corkscrew tricks at this moment. I really like merry go round, I have been experimenting with that a lot. What should the next few (bearing) tricks be I should go for you guys think? Thanks!

Crazy 8 (merry go round (MGR) below and above hand), Mach 5, maybe gyro flops?
Do you know the bind thing where the top sits in the middle of the string?
Two common ways to do it; wrap and scoot, and then the… one rotation of MGR then pull hands apart… thingy… hard to type that one.

I got MGR down to like whatever I want to do, up and down, all improvised usually but i always throw from the bottom to catch, pretty obvious I guess. I was thinking about the last 2 you named along with through the subway. About the binding I can’t really follow… Thanks Neff!

edit: what is that MGR trick with 2 hands (1 string on each hand) from that acrobat video. They show it in the video right away then they show it 1 handed (upside down) which is awesome any tips on getting it upside down? is there a name for it or is it literally just 2 handed MGR? Also whats the trick at 1:07 called?

One handed that’s Crazy 8, which is just MGR under and over your hand.  With two hands that’s Blizzard.  You can actually regenerate with that trick, when you do it’s called Magnetic Wire or Double Satellites or Orbits depending on who you talk to…  It looks a little different when you are regenerating it… It looks like this:

That’s Daveid (Dave-eeed).  He’s good.

Here’s a bind vid I found.  It’s hard to see exactly what is happening, but at least you will know what it looks like:

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