Another Revolutions Post

OK, I know that there has been a recent post on revolutions. But, I need help on how to move my hand. I know to do it clockwise on the outside and counter-clockwise on the inside, but when I try to make the switch from outside to inside, and inside to outside, I’m moving the yoyo sideways and it spins out on me. Any help? ???

I had trouble with this too. What you need to do is turn your body in the way that the yoyo is spinning, then do the trick. It worked for me. :wink:

Had the same problem.

The way I do it, is swing outside, then inside so the inside swings down, and the outside swings up.

Don’t actually move your arm/wrist too much do it tilts and spins out, try almost to move your arm inside/outside too so it’s almost swinging in one spot. :wink:

since this seems to be the only revolutions thread (i swore i saw another!) i have a slightly unrelated question that is STILL about revolutions. in the catching phase, i never land in a 1.5 mount. i always am missing an extra loop over my finger, so it ends up to an awkward trapeze +bro type thing. WHY???