gyroscopic flop idea

i was fooling around today and found out that if you throw a rock the baby and put the yoyo into the left string(if right handed) then drop it and grab the string farthest and pull it i think your in gyroscopic flop so try it ;D

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cool, gonna try that later ^^ thanks for sharing

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Nice! ;D
Works for me, and it’s a much easier way to get into Gyroscopic Flop…

Well done!

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A simpler way would be to go into an over mount and pull the furthest string.

yea but its just a fun idea

Can someone tell me what an over mount is please? I’ve looked online but i cant seem to find it. I’m sure theres tricks Andre uses it in in his videos but i dont want to traul through every single one to find it :slight_smile:

If you could tell me an example of a trick that uses it thatd be helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ex. a Trapeze is a over mount, a braintwister is a under mount.

Thats a pretty cool Gyro Flop there! Nice work! Gonna try that out.

i figuered it out a while ago. it works alright