Gyroscopic flop help

I need some help on gyroscpic flop, when I do it the yoyo turn once to the left and then turn back to the right , so it doesn’t turn over and over but it turn back again

it is because you have to maintein the strings PERFECTLY in axis with the yoyo. If you don’t stay in axis with the strings you will have this problem.

More, if you are trying to do it in “Andrè Boulay” style (on the front mount) i can tell you that this way is incredibly difficult and it is much simpler to perform it from the trapeze

That’s how i do it. There is a way even more simply starting from 1.5 mount, but i am no able to explain it to you and there is no video about it (sry  :frowning: )

I use the 1.5 mount here’s how you can do it

do a 1.5 mount

release the string from your non throw hand (try to make it stand a little separate to the others)

push your NTH finger against the left side (if you’re right handed) of this string and perform an underpass with the yoyo

swing the yoyo counter clockwise (from your POV) up and over your throw hand, landing on the strings in the middle, you will be at the same position than the one shown in the video above, just before the hop

hop the throw and land it on the back string (should go pretty much by itself)

if I think about it, I’ll do a video, but I think I’ve seen that move in one of YYE tutorial tricks (the 1.5 mount alternative, not the whole gyro from there)

The video you posted is great, Jekko, doing it like that I managed to complete it for my very first time, whereas trying to do it “Andrè Boulay” style hadn’t brought any result yet! 8)

The strings don’t have to line up with the yoyo axis perfectly, but it’s ideal for a gyroscopic flop that doesn’t lose any spin. As long as you don’t let the string touch either side of the yoyo, the yoyo won’t lose any significant spin or reverse direction.

You’ll find that tilting the string one way and touching the walls will flop faster (but lose spin), and tilting the other way and touching that walls will reverse the flop direction (and lose spin). Sounds like the second is your problem.

Bottom line is don’t let the string touch the walls and keep the string perpendicular to the axle if possible. Good luck!