Tyler Severance's Mach Flop thingy

I’m not exactly sure what this is called, but I’ve seen Tyler Severance do it in a few YYF videos. But most recently, this video comes to mind (see 1:33 - 1:37). Does anyone have any pointers/*slowed down) tutorial on how to do this? It doesn’t seem too difficult to do from an original gyroscopic flop, but a few pointers would help in speeding up the learning process. Thanks in advance!

He does the same exact trick in the supernova video but its from a different view. I would check that out.

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It’s basically just like you said, it’s from a regular gyroscopic flop thing.
Basically you just have to make sure to keep the string tight, but not too tight as to lose all spin, and do the spinny arm motion thingy, finally ending by letting the yoyo fully rotate.

Trial/error my friend.

Look as his hand position and the way he keeps the string while doing it.

AlexisJV -? (probably spelt that wrong) had a tutorial on a motion that looks just like that. If not… probably even cooler. It was with his old batch of tutorials that he took down. IDK why he took them down, they were SICK. IDK if anyone saved them… if they did I would love to watch it and relearn that.

It’s not as hard as it looks, basically halfway through the flop you begin to rotate your arms in a circular motion, keeping the string tight and finishing the flop when you’re done.
I kinda feel bad because I thought I made that trick up. :frowning:

man i have a tutorial in my chanell .its called : drahonfly2killzone22