Name This Trick

What’s the name of the trick at 1:40 - 1:47?
Plz help
If you know plz post at least a link to a tutorial

its called a gyroscopic flop… you can find the tutorial for it on this site

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I feel really dumb now… :frowning:

dont worry stuff like that has happened to me millions of times

ya, he flips into it the same way i learned to… from the side, with a Mach Whip… i cant do it the way Andre does it from the front… the trick to Mach Whip style… is right before you throw your Whip, hop the yoyo slightly upwards and towards your whipping hand… it should catch in a Gyro flop

haha me too lol

you can get into the mount from a houdiny drop too. its easier than the whip