NEXT MEET UP!!Southern CA Yoyo Community! NEXT MEET UP!!!! August 16th!!

Our next meet will be on Saturday August 16th, at the “Optimus Toystore”, in the Bella Terra Mall. If anyone has any questions or concerns please shoot me a PM. This is a new location, so I’m hoping for new people to come out and throw. :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

As you all may know, I have created a somewhat new yoyo/skill toy group based around Southern Ca throwers, although anyone is welcome and encouraged to join. The group is called “Southern California Yoyo Community” on Facebook. I will be doing giveaways, meet ups and much more as the group grows. Check it out!

Thank you all for your time!

Adam N.

Hello! Anyone here on the forums anymore???

Yep, still here.

Help an old guy out here. I’m new to this stuff yet loving every minute of it. What are these meet ups about? ??? ???

Well basically we just hangout and throw. All ages welcome!!! Try other yoyos discuss new videos and things like that. You should drop by if you can :slight_smile:

You should totally come to the meet up man :slight_smile:

I may stop by and check it out.

I’m here!

Damn, I used to live out there. How did it go?

Hey, I live in Glendora. I actually just bought a suit from the Jos. A. Bank there at the Chino Hills Mall for Fathers day! Next time you want to arrange something I’ll see if I can come down and possibly bring a friend.

Sweet man! I think our next meet might be Saturday July 26th

It was grate! A lot of locals showed up. Hoping for a bigger turnout next time.

dang i missed it :frowning: when is the next one happening?

Will be this up coming Saturday the 26th.

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Sweet! I’m in Old Towne Orange. The Circle in Orange could be a great place to meet up as well. There’s a small plaza, tons of shops, food, drinks, etc. Even a little toy store that has some Duncan stuff.

Hey that’s a good idea man. Seems like it would be a great place. I will have to keep it in mind.

Cant wait!!!

Gonna be a good one!

When is the next one?

I would love to go

Yes me too but I just moved to Arizona.

Bump. ;D

I know the DXL thing is in Vegas sometime soon, but when where there be another meet up. WCYYC was the first YoYo contest I have been to and enjoyed it. I have been wanting to go to a meet up to learn more. Please update