Southern California Yo-Yo Meet this Saturday, September 18

We’ll be meeting this Saturday at 1pm in Cerritos, CA.  Please click the following url for more information and the address:

Everyone is welcome to come and hang out.  Hope to see you all there.

It’s a bummer I just scheduled an SD Yoyo Club meet for the same day :D. I’ll be sure to catch the next DXL meetup. If you’re in the Orange County area and haven’t checked out one of these meetups, you really should - they’re a blast.

Hey Jason,
Aww that sucks. I was hoping you’d be there. I wanted to have a meet last Saturday, but then I ended up having some health problems. Hopefully I’ll see you at the next one. Good luck with your SD meet.

I probably will finally make it to this one! I have wanted to go to some kind of meetup/contest but plans have got in my way. Hopefully that doesn’t happen with this one! So excited if I can go!

I’ll be there :smiley:

Great news! I can go! Just so you guys know, i’m only 13 and not very good at yoyoing yet so don’t be surprised ;D. I’ll have a General-Yo dog tag on

Aw! There was a change for me to make it to this one, but I have to go to a wedding tomorrow. :frowning:

Ok, im super excited but heres the thing. I don’t know ANYBODY. If there is somebody that could introduce to to everybody?

I’ll be there evantor Kim the fat white guy :smiley:

Cool! I’m Evan, the chubby 13 year old XD

Can’t wait for it! Ernie and my friend Elliot will be there, this is gonna be a great meet!

Just left! Bringing my “case” (an old gameboy SP case with yogis in the dividers ;D) SUPER excited!