Southern California Yo-Yo Meet this Saturday

We’ll be meeting this Saturday at noon in Cerritos, CA.  Please click the following url for more information and the address:

could i come?

Of course man. Everyone is welcome. :slight_smile:

I made a typo on the address of the meet. The correct address is 11401 East South Street… not 14401 East South Street. Please make sure you have the right address!

Oh bummer, I missed this! There was no way I could have made it.

Its good to know some kind of yoyo group exists near me, when is the next meeting, and what do you peeps do in there

we usually gather around, talk, hang out, make new friends, etc.

A for all you guys who goto this meet I am going to send a flier to the next one for my meet at my house june 12th more on this :slight_smile: come please :slight_smile:

when is it like wut date

at the last one he said probally may 22nd


what does that mean

when does the meet end

time it ends

at like 3 ill take you if you want

It was awsome I landed the double gyro flop(my third time doing the trick) there, and met some cool people. See you guys next time.