Next Generation Yo-Yo Contest Part Deux

Thank you to everyone that entered my “Next Generation Yo-Yo Contest”. All of the accepted entries were superb and has made judging very difficult. So difficult in fact that I will be delaying announcing the winner until this Tuesday night. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but I really want to get this one right! I’ve gotten several PMs of contestants waiting with great anticipation and I hate to keep the tension so high, but it is what it is.

I will be posting the results in this thread on Tuesday evening.


If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times! This contest was extremely difficult for me to judge, and I called in quite a few faces to help with the decision. The judging concept I was aiming for never came to light, but I still feel as though the right person is getting this yo-yo!

So, without further ado…well actually. Lets have some ado…

Scroll down…

Keep going…

A little more…

And the winner is…


I would like to mention that ALL of the contestants here really have shown me that our community is one that is very very open to growth. I hope that all members continue their dreams of spreading the sport, and I would like to thank every one again that made this contest such a success. As time goes on, there will be more of these contests so keep a weather eye out for more!

I encourage everyone here at YYE to look over all the entries, and really take in the words that the contestants wrote. I am truly impressed what people of all ages are doing for this simple hobby, and it truly humbles me.

Thank you all again! Look forward to another contest coming very soon!

Congrats Ramondini!

Congratz raymondini! You really deserved that DM. Hope everything goes well with your yo-yo club! :wink:

Awesome! I really want to thank everyone for the AWSOME entrys, and I hope to pass the DM onto someone who really deserves it, I think I will use it for teaching unresponsive play first and then at the end of the year, I will pass it on to the most improved student! Thanks Guys, I really hope that you can help teach those who are willing to be taught and I am going to begin working with some of the guys from yo-yo club tomorrow, by the way, Lego Z is from My yoyo club, so, yeah, he is pretty good, better than most in the club now, and I hope to teach all “my” kids to become as nice and as considerate as all here on the forum. Thanks again guys,


BOOOOOOOOO!!! I demand a recount!!! You don’t live if Florida do you?

Don’t worry, you were high in the list. Very high actually. And I might live in Florida, who’s asking.

Congratulations Raymondini.

On a side note, I presume the attempt to secure a Freehand for second place failed?

Yes, unfortunately it did. I was very close, but it just didn’t happen. Look forward to future contests!

gratz, good luck yoyoing.
hope the yoyo club goes well
Thanks again JM for the oppourtunity ;D

What were the full results?

congrats raymondi, you definitely deserved it. :slight_smile: