I made a yoyo contest. Entries valid until Nov. 26th

Rules and stuff here:

Creativity contest.


Poor idea.:thinking:

How would ‘you’ know… or anybody else entering; whether contestants were actually using their ‘worst’ yoyo?

And… say a guy has 12 yoyos. But all 12 are high grade bi-metal yoyos. So he decides which is the ‘worst’ of his 12 amazingly good yoyos.

So he ends up doing his freestyle with his worst yoyo that is better than anybody elses’ Best yoyo?

Nah; I don’t buy it😉

Better to say you can only use a yo-yo that retails for less than $16 on YYE or something like that?

And right at the start of your video; show the yoyo you are using…


Yeah I gotta agree with the doc on this one. The rules here are gonna be … weird. Define “worst?”

Contests need clear rules so it can be fair for everyone.


Do hard tricks on yoyos that make them harder, I don’t think it’s that complicated. People are using Raiders and that doesn’t mean everyone thinks the Raider is a bad yoyo.


Go watch my YouTube channel because everyone is always bringing me something to get tricky on! I am tired of playing with trash, no offence to anyone. I showed my gratitude towards trying so many different toys people have let me show case by tricking!

Who said it was complicated?

The way the OP worded the conditions…

Simply not feasible.

The contest should be like what you just suggested.

…But; then again; it wouldn’t be his contest anymore🙀

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I meant that’s how I read it and I’m sure that’s how he meant it (I was in the same chat room when he thought of it). Sorry for the misunderstanding.


The contest was changed. It’s more fair to the people now.

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The contest was changed and is now fair for everyone.


Good call, I hope you get some great entries!


Yeah me too! I can’t wait to see the entries! There have been some real great contest on here and really random!